Amazing Light Pillars in Japan’s Night Sky

Amazing Light Pillars in Japan's Night Sky

Last week, nine stunning light pillars lit up the night sky above Daisen, a coastal town in Tottori Prefecture, Japan.

A local named Masashi captured this beautiful sight and shared it on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption, “Around 10 PM today, I saw a streak of light above Mikaya Port in Daisen Town, Tottori.”

The post went viral, with more than 12 million views and several comments.

Some people assumed it was a sign of the end of the world or an alien visit, but the true reason is far simpler and as fascinating.

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This phenomenon is called “Isaribi Kochu” or ‘fish-attracting light pillars.’ Fishermen in Japan use bright lights on their boats, called “isaribi,” to draw fish to the surface. Under the right conditions, these lights can create an amazing visual effect.

Japan Today explained that when nighttime temperatures drop enough, ice crystals can form in the air above the boats. These crystals reflect the light from the fishermen’s boats, creating bright, vertical light pillars that can be seen from the shore. This creates a magical and otherworldly display in the night sky.

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