OMG! Is Pakistani Model Alyzeh Gabol Engaged?

alyzeh gabol engaged

Pakistani model turned actor Alyzeh Gabol entered the world of fashion when she was just a teenager. Now a supermodel, she has worked with almost every top designer and brand in Pakistan. The gorgeous Alyzeh Gabol just shared a piece of exciting news on her Instagram, and looks like the model is engaged!

Gabol is among the top models who have accomplished massive popularity in such a brief span. She always knew that she wanted to be a model and had her first portfolio when she was almost 17. Her career kicked off from that point and she started to get several offers from famous brands.

alyzeh gabol
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The model also did a cameo appearance in 2017’s flick ‘Rangreza’ opposite the hunk Bilal Ashraf. Gabol tied the knot at a very young age to a guy named Osama. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last long and the couple parted ways just a few years later. They have a girl together named Miraal.

Despite the breakup Gabol and her ex husband Osama have proven to be lovable parents for their only daughter Miraal. Nonetheless, it seems as though the Kabhi Na Kabhi actor is ready to tie the knot again!

Taking to her official Instagram handle, Alyzeh Gabol shared a cute photo of her getting engaged to a man, putting a wedding ring on her finger. “New beginning. Alhamdulillah,” the caption read.

Let’s take a look at it!

Good wishes begin pouring in for the supermodel

As it appears, Gabol, one of the leading Pakistani models, has begun the new chapter of her life with a special someone.  In addition to this, many congratulatory messages for the actor have started pouring in the comments section. Friends, and followers are super happy to hear the exciting news!

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alyzeh gabol engagement comments
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Back in 2017, the boxer Amir Khan was spotted with Gabol in Dubai.  It all began when Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdom were facing some hardships in their marital life. More so, rumors began circulating on social media that Khan and Gabol were dating.

The boxer was also seen hitting on the model, and a lot of people noticed him of adoring her beauty a little too much by continuously commenting on her pictures and calling her ‘cute’. In fact, the boxer also started a flirty chat with the model on her Instagram page. Well, Khan continued to show interest in Gabol for a very long time, however, he later got back with his wife Makhdoom.

As of now, Gabol has not shared any picture of her fiancé. Nonetheless, we all are super excited to see the lucky man! We wish the gorgeous all the happiness and best wishes for her future.

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