Alyzeh Gabol Finally Addresses Rumors Of End Of Her Second Marriage To Zoraib Malik

Alyzeh Gabol

Celebrities hardly seem to catch a break from gossip mongers. Model Alyzeh Gabol, who got married for the second time last year, has been in the spotlight ever since she tied the knot. Alyzeh Gabol has now officially put an end to the rumors of separation after her second marriage.

Gabol earlier tied the knot at a very young age to a guy named Osama. Their marriage, however, did not last long and the couple parted ways just a few years later. The two have a girl together named Miraal. Despite the breakup, Gabol and her former husband Osama have proven to be lovable parents for their only daughter.

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The model tied the knot again in February of last year. Although she initially tried to conceal the identity of her husband, it was eventually revealed that she tied the knot with Zoraiz Malik, nephew of the tycoon Malik Riaz.

In a shocking turn of events previously, various rumors spread on social media that Malik and Gabol parted their ways. But the model now decided to finally put an end to the separation rumors.

Gabol carried out a Q&A session on Instagram lately. A fan went on to ask the burning question that whether Malik is still her husband and if divorce has taken place.

“This question has to be addressed as people can be very dumb to figure out on their own at times,” wrote the model. “In Islam, it is all about niyat [intentions] and not signing the paper you don’t wish to.”

“Secondly, if that happens you got 90 days to reconcile and take the papers back so Alhamdulillah we are married,” she added. “Hope this answer serves right to everyone’s curiosity.”

Original response:

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Her name on social media also now reads ‘Alyzeh Malik’.

Many alleged earlier that Gabol slit her wrist and survived a suicide attempt. Rumors of Gabol and Malik’s divorce surfaced after the model took down her Instagram account.

The mother of Malik, Aasia Amer, also confirmed the news of her son and Gabol’s divorce. Taking to social media, she posted proof of the divorce. One of the pictures showed her son signing the divorce papers.

When the identity of Gabol’s husband was revealed earlier, it turned out they were 10 years apart in age, with Gabol being 10 years older. Formerly, he is said to have been married to his cousin.

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