Altaf Hussain Asks For Indian Asylum On Arnab Goswami’s Show!

Altaf Hussain Arnab Goswami

Currently, Pakistan is facing several economic and political challenges reflecting upon the massive corruption of previous governments. While the opposition alliances are demanding resignation from Prime Minister Imran Khan, MQM founder has emerged with another defaming tactic. Recently, once again, Altaf Hussain has asked Indian PM to provide him asylum on the famous Arnab Goswami Show.

On “The Debate” with Arnab Goswami, Altaf Hussain seeks Indian asylum!

After settling in London, the Muttahida Qoumi Movement (MQM) leader had several times taken charge of spreading chaos and hate among his supporters in Pakistan. Therefore, last month, Scotland Yard indicted Altaf Hussain for spreading hate speech and terror in Pakistan. Facing a complete media ban in the United Kingdom and Pakistan, Altaf Hussain recently sought Indian asylum in Arnab Goswami Show.

Here’s the full interview of Altaf Hussain on India’s Republic TV!

Apparently, this is not something unexpected from an individual declared as an ‘absconder‘ by Pakistan. While speaking to India’s famous host Arnab Goswami, Altaf Hussain reiterated his asylum request to Indian PM Narendra Modi. Talking about his escape from Pakistan, MQM founder stated, “There [Pakistan] existed a nexus of the military and politicians in the country and assassins had been hired to kill him”.

#AltafOnRepublic trend on social media!

Soon after going n-air, the rare appearance of MQM’s Altaf Hussain started trending with the hashtag #AltafOnRepublic in India. Besides Hussain’s positive relations with India, the MQM leader has several times chanted anti-Pakistan slogans to defame the country. Yet again, in his recent interview with Arnab Goswami, Hussain blamed the military and political stance Pakistan.

Altaf Hussain Arnab Goswami

Samaa TV

Earlier this year, the Scotland Yard charged Altaf Hussain with terrorism offense followed by an official investigation. Particularly, the MQM founder has been living in London for the last two decades and is now seeking asylum from India. After his violent address of 2016 that lead to an extreme situation, the Westminster Magistrates’ Court had banned him from appearing on television in Pakistan and UK.

Pakistani courts issued warrants against Altaf Hussain!

The similar hate speech got him years of imprisonment which he still faces as it created political chaos in Pakistan. Apparently, the 66-year-old politician has several warrants issued on him by Pakistani courts. As for now, Altaf Hussain’s first television appearance after facing a media ban from UK and Pakistan is trending on social media today.

Earlier this month, the MQM founder made his first request to Indian PM Narendra Modi to provide asylum to him. Apparently his previous appeal to Indian PM Modi to intervene in Pakistan’s matters is now making bringing everything to senses. Even after his second asylum request, till now, neither the Indian government nor PM Modi himself has reacted to the request.

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