Zodiac Water Signs: Things You Didn’t Know About Their Personalities!

Zodiac Water Signs

Life was given to us a billion years ago. With life, God has bestowed us with foods, oxygen, water and all other essentials of life. Mainly, these prerequisites of life help us to survive on the mighty planet earth. Similarly, with other requisites of life, our faith and destiny are equally important. Basically, our faith and fortune are driven by our zodiac signs.

Fundamentally, all the zodiac signs are divided into four main categories: Fire signs, Zodiac Water Signs, Air signs, and Earth signs. Three zodiac signs, each, come under the domain of each element. Water signs are significant owing to their oceanic traits.

What Does It Mean If You Are A Water Sign?

Chiefly, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces come under the realm of water signs. It means these zodiac signs are motivated by the spirits of water.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Crab a sign of a cancer zodiac

Source: Astronlogia

Strengths: Purposeful, imaginative, faithful, loving, thoughtful, convincing

Vulnerabilities: Extremely moody, depressed, doubtful, manipulative, precarious

Cancer fancies: Music, staying near or in water, helping others,  reading spiritual books

Cancer despises: Being played, criticism, sharing of personal life issues

People with cancer zodiac are enormously instinctive and emotional. Cancer is one of the most testing zodiac signs. They are extremely impassioned and sensitive; they regard genuinely about the affairs of the family and their habitat.

Cancer sign is tender and they are emotionally attached to people they love. Moreover, people who are born with their Sun in Cancer signs are very faithful and able to sympathize with others’ miseries and afflictions.

How To Handle People With Cancer As Their Zodiac

Just like Scorpio and Pisces, Cancer belongs to the component of Water, led by emotions and their soul. Cancers find it hard to mingle with the mundane surroundings around them. As Cancer is ruled by the Moon, stages of the lunar period increase their inherent enigmas and create temporary unconscious patterns, which are behind their authority.

In their childhood, Cancers feel difficult coping with the society around them. Besides, they need utmost care and empathy to deal with in order to make them a perfect child.

Sometimes, Cancers are quite anxious and other times quite compassionate. This is due to their immense mood swings. Although many of us have a problem of mood swings, Cancers bear it the most. Additionally, any hard times or any emotional disturbance can lead a person with Cancer signs to a devastating cycle of mood swings.

They are keen to assist others, just as they are active to avoid conflict, and seldom avail from close conflict of any sort. Moreover, they always fancy hitting someone powerful, bigger, or stronger than them, and not someone weaker than them. In addition, people with Cancer signs prefer family and home above everything else.

Cancers, being a crab, often feel the necessity to recharge themselves after any devastation. Just like a crab, they tend to hide somewhere and disconnect with every person in order to recharge. This makes cancer the most sensitive water sign. 

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Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpion a sign of a scorpio zodiac

Source: Stick it bro

Powers: Intelligent, brave, loving, headstrong, stubborn

Flaws: Suspecting, insecure, reserved, violent

Scorpio desires: True friends, adventures, getting knowledge

Scorpio dislikes: Cheating, dishonest people

People born with Scorpio sign are intense and confident. Unlike other water signs, Scorpios are strong-minded and emphatic; they will work until they get perfection. Basically, a Scorpio is a leader, always conscious of the circumstances and ever-so resourceful.

Scorpio is a Water sign just like Cancer and Pieces, Scorpio exists to experience life and explicit emotions. Although sentiments are crucial for Scorpios, they exhibit them adversely than other water signs. People with Scorpio sign are trustworthy, you can share anything with them. I bet they will keep your secrets.

Scorpios are identified by their peaceful and serene behavior, and by their enigmatic aura. Surprisingly, some Scorpio-born people may seem older than they are. In addition, they are exceptional leaders because of their dedication and consistency. Scorpios abhor cheating and they can be very skeptical and envious at times.

In a nutshell, Scorpios are brave and straight forward, They admire the right people with the right attitude and they hate manipulative ones. Besides, fear is an unknown word for them, they do not give a second thought to certain positive risks.  People who are born under the water sign Scorpio, are lucky because of their leadership and courageous qualities.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

two fishes a sign of a pisces zodiac

Source: what’s your sign

Strengths: Kind, creative, intuitive, tender, thoughtful

Weaknesses: Timid, overly confident, anxious, ignoring realities

Pisces loves: isolation, songs, amour, spirituality, reading books

Pisces hates: criticism, any kind of violence

People born with Pisces as their zodiac sign very beneficial for others. They never miss a chance of helping others around them. Essentially, Pisces are kind, they are always prepared to assist others, without expecting anything in return.

Because Pisces is a Water sign, it is defined by compassion and emotions, sensitivity and tenderness. Often times a Pisces knows the consequences of their actions, but they still do it!

The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune; hence, somebody with Pisces as their zodiac is more instinctive than others and has imaginative expertise. Moreover, Neptune is correlated to arts and music, therefore Pisces share musical inclinations in the initial stages of their life. They are hospitable, sympathetic and remarkably loyal.

People who are born with Pisces as their zodiac sign have an inherent perception of life. Furthermore, they are spiritual and they have an emotional relation to the universe and other fellow beings.

Pisces are identified by their knowledge. However, when they come under the control of Uranus, they may get disturbed and could play roles that are adverse to their true nature. It is very hard for a Pisces to hold a grudge against someone, so they always forgive others. Besides, Pisces is one of the most tolerant signs among all water signs.

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