All You Need Is Break In Life

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Sometimes all we need is a break. A break to end the monotony, a break to be alive again, a break to truly love ourselves, a break to feel the autumn wind flutter through our hair under the fair blue sky, a break to see what many can’t see. A break to reconnect to GOD and mother-nature, a break to even think that we exist as individuals and not as flocks of sheep and cattle who were born to follow. A break to look beyond our narrow horizons. to jump into a world where we don’t have a awful horrid boss, a world where things like competition, grades and the survival of the fittest doesn’t exist. A fantasy land indeed, you don’t have to travel across the oceans to find a place like this. this place lies within you.

Humans were made to be social beings with a sense of ownership, feelings and over bursting emotions. its sad to see that the modern era and the race for the best has so adversely affected our mindsets that we’ve build walls around ourselves. We no longer dare to step out of our cocoons and in the process we have lost our originality. we want to see the world through our 4 x 5 inches screen.



We are so busy in getting on with life that many of us have forgotten the warmth of a loved ones hug and t the charm of a long walk with a close friend. we’ve become so cold that we’ve forgotten how to love. P.S: (Posting pictures with bae isn’t counted as love). One’s heart bleeds when he listens people on their death beds regretting the way they lived their lives. Maybe they should’t have worked so hard and had spent some time with their families or had true friends instead of mere professional acquaintances so they could have made some memories to cherish in their last times, someone to whom they could’ve spoken their heart out.



I totally second the fact that time is money but time spent on self reflection or even a pity chatter over a cup of tea might be your most valuable asset. hard-work, a 6 digit salary and a huge villa can earn you respect and luxury but one thing you couldn’t buy is happiness the same priceless happiness that sparkles in the eyes of those slum children with empty pockets. the same happiness that wealthy people crave but no money on this earth can buy it.

Write your own story not to inspire others but for yourself. Live your life your own way let your inner child grow learn to smile will all your heart. Try to take out time for yourself and your close ones. Let people know that you love them. Fulfill your wildest fantasies, learn to live passionately, travel to a place alone, scream on top of your voice while you still can, look in the mirror everyday and love yourself for whatever you are and whatever you have done in life, be your own best friend. Throw away your earphones and open your ears to the world around you.
remember your a free bird. Live life to the fullest while you still can because trust me life is too short to live with regrets!


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