All The Things You Didn’t Know About Being Nikkah -o-Fied

1. It Is Less Risky

Nope You Will Fight!


Yes, it will happen and it won’t be like a rom-com. One of you will have to step down. It does not have to be the guy or the girl. It isn’t about that, marriage isn’t a War of the Genders. Just accept that sometimes you will get on each other’s nerves and it won’t be fun.

2. It Is All About Compromises…

How sweet. What they don’t tell you? Compromising is not easy or pleasant!

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You want to go out to eat or go to Ahmar bhai ki baraat? Well, sucks to be you! Your significant other will not always agree with you on things, from going somewhere to allowing someone in your lives. It will bug you, you will hate them for a minute there, but you gotta move on. Am I right?

3. Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Aw… How sweet!

NO! Distance is Disaster

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Misunderstandings, frustration, time management. These are just going to be part of it all. The mature thing to do? Brave it until you move in together.

4. Yay We Can Finally Get Intimate!

Whether it’s the “log kya kahaingay” or your own religious views or just a matter of not complicating things, you will have to limit the sextivities.

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It plays a bigger part in the whole dilemma of are we married or not phase.

5. We are now Husband-wife

Isn’t that adorable? NO, it isn’t. While the commitment is certainly stronger, it doesn’t reduce the risks and norms of any relationship. If anything it is more intense. You don’t know your rights and responsibilities. You don’t know what the rules are.

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In my opinion, a nikkah is like Knorr noodles. Issay khana ya peena hai?
You don’t know. It’s somewhere in between, just inside social norms but with no rules.

Take it from me, it’s hard to play a game with no rules.

But at the end of the day, it’s all about how much you want to be with that person. And yes it has its wonderful moments. But they are not all like a cheesy mashriqi love story.

And that boys and girls, is the truth about nikkah.

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