Here Are All the Reasons Why Your Mom Can Replace Wonder Woman as a Super Hero!

There are a million reasons why your mom cannot be replaced. From the moment you are born to the one when you grow taller than her, your mom’s role in your life is monumental. Come to think of it, every part of her treatment with you – whether you like it or not – is for your own good, one way or another.

Today, we are going to remind ourselves just how complete our life is with our mothers and just why SHE’S THE WONDER WOMAN IN OUR LIVES! So, here are 10 reasons why your mother is simply incredible:

1. Because she is always ready to go the extra mile for you

She had you for 9 painful months. Every night she wakes up, she doesn’t sleep back without checking on you.

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2. Your mom is the only person on earth having unconditional love for you

Every decision, every action and every word uttered by her stretches from the unconditional love she has for you in her big heart.

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3. She knows the one thing that can fix your grumpy, gloomy and sad mood

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4. She’d rather catch a grenade for ya than Bruno Mars ever would

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5. She keeps a firm check of your daily nutrition and knows what’s the best for you

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6. She has aced the art of throwing a chappal at you

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7. Your Momma can pull off one look that makes you piss your pants – one look, guys!

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8. But then her smile simply melts your heart, doesn’t it?

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9. She has always got your back and saves the day for you

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10. If you’re a mother yourself, who’s a better person to seek advice for your kids than Momma?

Every mother advises her children who become parents one to always give their kids the right kind of meals that specifically help fuel imagination, for e.g. chocolate cereal in morning breakfast.

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Thank you, Mumma for being my hero!

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