Alkaline Water’s Active Hydration And Other Benefits Over Normal Water!

With a more conscious mindset, people today are opting for health improvement options and one of these is alkaline water. A drink rich in minerals and electrolytes, alkaline water is the way to stay actively hydrated.

So what makes alkaline water different than normal water?

We’ve all learned the chemistry of water growing up; it is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. That is why we call it H2O. Now we want to measure the pH level in the water, and that is done through gauging the number of hydrogen ions in water. Alkaline water has less hydrogen in it or a higher pH than regular water. Now the lesser the hydrogen level, the higher the alkaline level.

If we look at plain old water, its pH level ranges from 0 to 14. If the pH level of water is below 7, it is considered ‘acidic’. Similarly, if the pH level of water is higher than 7, it is considered ‘alkaline’. Hence, seven is considered a balanced or neutral number while gauging the alkaline or acidic nature of water.

The reason why we’re explaining the science behind water’s pH level to you is so that you can make your own informed decision about what is most important for your body. We definitely recommend a healthier lifestyle and a better quality of life by drinking alkaline water.

Benefits of drinking Alkaline water over normal water:

We claim that alkaline water is the solution to stay actively hydrated and absorb greater hydration than you would by drinking regular water. Let’s discuss some of the benefits that you may reap when you drink alkaline water.

  • Improved digestion – alkaline water aids in digestion by reducing the acidity of the stomach contents
  • Healthier skin – reduced alkalinity decreases skin irritations leading to noticeably brighter, fresher skin
  • Improved metabolism – drinking cold alkaline water can considerably boost your metabolism, this occurs from the energy it requires your body to heat the cold water up to your body’s normal temperature
  • Reduction in bloating – alkaline water promotes feeling light and reduces bloating
  • Faster rehydration – a much healthier alternative to sugar-filled energy drinks, is zero-calorie alkaline water which is absorbed by the intestines much quicker than regular water

and more!

Now that we’ve laid out the clear benefits of alkaline water, it is up to you to make an informed decision, whether it be to keep drinking plain water or opt for electrolyte infused alkaline water that will improve your lifestyle without you having to make big changes. Choose to stay actively hydrated and make the decision that you know you will thank yourself for.

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