Alkaline Water – The Best Supplement to an Active Lifestyle as we Enter the New Year

Alkaline Water – The Best Supplement to an Active Lifestyle as we Enter the New Year

Drinking ample water every day is crucial for maintaining health and keeping vital bodily functions working aptly. Dehydration is becoming a common nuisance, particularly in winters as the cold weather refrains people from consuming an adequate amount of water every day.

With different options available to fulfil the requirement of water in the body, Alkaline Water has claimed a prominent position for its numerous benefits and has attained the attention of many fitness and health experts. Recently, the fitness enthusiast with the melodious voice Junaid Khan, Nutritionist Sadia Salman, and Fitness Guru Nusrat Hidayatullah highlighted the benefits of Alkaline water calling upon people to set new fitness goals. 

Now, what is alkaline water?

Alkaline water consists of high amounts of alkaline minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, which are required for a healthy body. The word ‘alkaline’ refers to its pH level.

The pH level is the measurement showing how alkaline or acidic a substance is on a scale of 0-14. Alkaline water with a pH of 8 with electrolytes is idle for drinking daily as it provides benefits in the right amount with its minerals. 

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There have been multiple studies on the overwhelming benefits of Alkaline Water on the human body such as faster rehydration, better absorption of essential nutrients, detoxification, hydration of body cells, and balancing the pH levels in the body. Not only this alkaline water also makes the user feel lighter, aids in muscle movement, helps with digestions, and prevents acidity. 

With the pace of life moving at a faster rate, people look for easy and simple solutions that help them have an active lifestyle and alkaline water fits the bill with its numerous benefits. As the new year approaches, people actively start setting their fitness goals and often engage in activities that augment their health. In addition to exercising and consuming more fruits and vegetables, alkaline water is something that should also make a place on the fitness chart as people hop on the new year with the resolution of having an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Fact is staying hydrated helps to regulate the temperate of the body, prevents infections, delivers nutrients all over the body, and keeps organs functioning properly. Let’s face it, a healthy lifestyle cannot be led without water so stay hydrated because that’s the real goal of 2021. 

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