Alizeh Shah Files Cybercrime Complaint With FIA After A Video Of Her Smoking Goes Viral

alizeh shah complaint smoking

Alizeh Shah, who came under the public’s scrutiny after a shocking video of her smoking joint surfaced on the internet, files a complaint against people who captured and shared the video.

The 21-year-old seems to be headed to the top of the entertainment industry after being scooped up by producers and directors as a result of her massive success on TikTok. Yet many believe that her instant fame has caused her to make rash choices without thinking of the consequences.

Image: Instagram

A rather shocking video that emerged on social media recently made the Ishq Tamasha actor come under fire. The video shows Shah sitting in a car wearing a white low-neck top while holding a joint in one hand and handing a cell phone to someone in the backseat.

Her half-opened car window can be seen showing Alizeh Shah smoking joint in the company of her friends in the parked car. Enjoying the joint with nonchalance, the actor seems completely unaware of being recorded from afar.

While many social media users railed against Shah for the ‘atrocious’ clip, others are upset that someone captured her without consent. Subsequently, Alizeh Shah took an action and files a complaint for recording her smoking. Imran Riaz, the head of Sindh’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing, took to his Instagram stories on Friday to voice his support for Shah.

Have a look at his video message:

“Capturing, uploading, sharing, re-tweeting, and transmitting a person’s video without their consent falls under electronic crime,” he said. “People who are involved in the act can be imprisoned for at least three years or could be subject to an Rs10 lac penalty or both.”

Having the status of a celebrity certainly comes with a bag of pros and cons. One of the biggest cons is people around you taking photographs and recording you without your consent. No matter where they go, personal space may be difficult for them to maintain.

Whoever recorded them clearly did not seem to understand the concept of privacy, personal space, and consent. We wish people prioritized these concepts because celebrities are human beings first with boundaries of their own. The act of recording someone like this is never okay, even if the person is a public figure. Period.

On a similar note, actor Saboor Aly recently called out the people who record celebs without consent. The callout came after someone recorded her dancing at a private family event along with her fiance actor Ali Ansari. More so, the video that was taken without consent went viral on social media.

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