Ali Zafar Slams Imran Khan Over a Tweet but It Instantly Backfired and Angered Pakistanis

Recently, the price of US Dollar against Pakistani Rupee went up, meaning devaluation of our local currency. The Pakistani Rupee took a staggering nose-dive and it has been the lowest in history. This is an alarming prospect and calls for our attention towards an upcoming economic crisis at large.

Source: Samaa TV

As the Rupee crashed and the market went down, economics experts and advisors surge into a debate, strictly criticising the government’s policies. Meanwhile, the entire nation is engulfed by the cricket fever and many have chosen to ignore a major problem sitting on our doorsteps. Mainstream politicians have been discussing this problem for days now on various media platforms. You can expect Imran Khan to go full throttle against the government and the Sharifs.

Here is how Imran Khan reacted as Pakistani rupee took a nosedive against USD

Meanwhile, Ali Zafar, a man who needs to introduction, popped out of nowhere and reacted to Imran’s particular tweet. He meant to point out that the whole nation is uplifted by the cricket fever and one should celebrate as cricket comes to Pakistan. In this time, discussing any other topic, especially a “problem” does not seem fit.

and then Ali Zafar said this…

So, Ali Zafar wanted the likes of Imran Khan to ignore a major problem surrounding our country’s economic spectrum and rather talk about our progress in cricket.

Pakistanis are not having it all and Ali Zafar got seriously bashed!

Here are some quick facts:

Yes, we cannot ignore a major problem no matter what…


Absolutely correct; a leader has got bigger concerns

Wait, what?

Here goes another perspective

It did not go well at all for Ali Zafar here. Maybe he was just being too naive because, in such times, our politicians at least should get their priorities right and concentrate on the bigger problem.

What do you guys think about it?

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