Ali Zafar Performs Unbelievable Stunts for his Next Movie Teefa in Trouble

Ali Zafar is undoubtedly one of the most talented artists in the country. Let it be music, acting, writing down heart touching songs or painting, he is the jack of all trades. But we are going to see Ali Zafar in a completely different role and doing crazy stunts in his movie Teefa in Trouble. He shook his fans when the pictures of him doing unbelievable stunts went viral. We surely haven’t seen this side of Ali before. The movie co-stars Maya Ali. It shows Ali Zafar in a different look and seems like a movie full of action, a kind he has never done before.

Lets have a look at the stunts!

source: @AliZafarsays

This looks quite daring, doesn’t it? Wait there’s more.

source: AliZafarsays

Ali Zafar refused to have a body double do his stunts. Which by the way is very daring of him. This only shows how dedicated Ali is to his work and will cross all levels of perfection to deliver perfection to his fans. And this is why we love him.

And boom.

source: @AliZafarsays

These stunts look pretty amazing for a Lollywood movie and Ali Zafar has managed to execute them really well. We don’t really get to see such kind of stunts in our movies but we sure see hero not even after 15 bodies studded in his body. Or you know, Sajda saving Shan from the bullets. Of course Ali can’t reach that level of awesomeness but this is great too.

And he enjoyed doing the stunts.

Well as we all know Ali Zafar can surprise us all, we can expect a brilliant performance by him in this movie as well.

Look at his transformation.


Yup, this is Ali Zafar as never seen before. The Channo boy going against all odds turning in to a beast and doing action movies. Ali Zafar is a star!

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