Ali Zafar’s PSL Anthem ‘Mela Loot Liya’ Shatters All Records!

ali zafar mela loot liya

Ali Zafar’s new PSL anthem ‘Mela Loot Liya’ has shattered the record by reaching 3 million+ views in a day. The much-hyped song came on popular demand after official PSL anthem ‘Tayyar Ho’ failed to impress the audience.

Ali Zafar’s ‘Mela Loot Liya’ becomes the fastest song to cross 3 million views!

The song titled ‘Mela Loot Liya’ became the top hashtag trend on Twitter hours after Ali released it on YouTube. The singer on Monday took to social media to celebrate 3 million views that his song has received on the video-sharing website.

“Mubarak! Aap sab logon ne #MelaLootLiya. Fastest 3 million. #bhaeehazirhai,” he wrote.

‘Mela Loot Liya’ features a phenomenal performance by Ali Zafar. It drew 1 million+ views on YouTube within a few hours of its release. People are also talking about the song online.  The song is a mixture of pop culture, music, fashion, stardom and patriotism.

Though the song has reached a new milestone [thanks to Ali Zafar’s marketing tactics], it is nowhere close to the hit PSL anthem ‘Phir Seeti Bajay gi’. The song became a party anthem for every Pakistani. It was also played during many wedding ceremonies in that year.

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However, Ali grabs the opportunity to fill the gap created by PCB and other Pakistani singers who sang this year’s PSL ‘flop’ anthem. He created a song only within 10 days which is quite applaudable. The song is catchy and is mostly dedicated to Ali’s fans who missed his involvement in an ongoing PSL 5.

Moreover, a memorable part of the song is Ali’s fans contributed to making the video. He kept his fans engaged with his cricket anthem, which also becomes one of the reasons for huge popularity. It was fun to see Ali bringing the whole world to dance to his beats and become part of the music video.

Here’s the full-length video of ‘ Mela loot Liya’. Enjoy!

Ali Zafar-Ali Azmat controversy!

Furthermore, it all started when Ali Azmat, who sang this year’s official track for PSL with Asim Azhar, Haroon, Arif Lohar and Xulfi, was upset about the negative audience response. So much so that in a television interview, he spoke out against the bloggers who according to him were running a smear campaign ‘at someone’s behest’.

He didn’t take any names but it was quite obvious that he was referring to Ali. The bloggers were commonly bringing up ‘Seeti Bajay Gi’ as a much superior track.

In his response, Ali replied to Azmat through an amusing video. He gave cheeky taunts in a video while building upon the theory that he had the power to change the face of the world. He started a trend ‘Bhaee Hazir Hai’ which was immensely loved by his fans.

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