Ali Zafar Just Did a Massive Mannequin Challenge and The Internet is Going Crazy!

Ali Zafar Mannquin Challenge Video -

Have you seen those mannequin challenges where people get frozen in differing postures and a video is recorded by a moving camera which is later uploaded on the internet? Ali Zafar Mannequin Challenge uploaded and the internet has gone crazy about it.

It has been a viral trend across the social media and educational institutes to restaurants to business, all are doing these challenges, either as a marketing strategy, as a recreational activity or just for being part of the trend.

You must have seen many of those mannequin challenges. You must have seen big and bigger of those challenges. You must have seen dozens of people in a video performing a Mannequin Challenge. But have you seen a Mannequin Challenge as big as Ali Zafar’s?

Well, there is a video getting viral on the social media posted by Pakistani singer Ali Zafar on his official Facebook page showing the challenge in all its glamor and glory. The video posted by the singer, titled Ali Zafar’s Epic Mannequin Challange shows Ali Zafar along with 1000 other people (as described in the video) attempting the Mannequin Challenge pretty smoothly.

You can watch the amazingly performed and shot Mannequin Challenge below:

The minute long video has got hundreds of thousands of views within hours of its upload. The clip begins with a significant crowd attempting the challenge. The challenge video ends with people cheering up the success of it as Ali Zafar sings his famed ‘Zara Jhoom Jhoom’.

There were many comments on the viral video praising the attempt and the Pakistani singer Ali Zafar. Some were glorifying Ali Zafar’s creativity and talent while there were others criticizing the animated screen on the stage, suggesting it should have been paused during the challenge.

Reportedly, this Mannequin Challenge was attempted at a concert of Ali Zafar at The City School, Alpha Campus in Lahore. The students who were attending were most likely big fans of the singer, who came to the show and were more than willing to participate in the viral internet challenge with full dedication: hence, the success.

The Ali Zafar Mannequin Challenge reported widely on the Pakistani media and appreciated by many.


Praises and Criticism aside; one cannot deny the fact that Ali Zafar and the company of Pakistani students made a pretty successful attempt at doing the Mannequin Challenge on such a massive scale. Tell us if you enjoyed it…


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