Ali Zafar Fulfills This Fan-Girl’s Wish on Twitter by Answering These 7 Unusual Questions

If you ever got a reply on Twitter by your favourite celebrity, you know what an amazing feeling it is. It might seem little and stupid to others but it means the world to you. Most of our celebrities even in Pakistan are very active on certain social networks. Thanks to social media, we can now connect to our favourite celebrities, get our messages across them and sometimes, like sometimes, get their responses. Talk about getting a response from a celebrity, a Pakistani girl tweeted Ali Zafar and not just got a response back but managed a whole interview – and yes, everything on Twitter!

via Twitter

Check out how Ali Zafar made this female fan’s day…

So first, she randomly tweeted this:

The moment she must’ve had butterflies in her stomach

And it begins…  Question 1

Question 2 – now that’s a tricky one

and the best answer

Question 3 – the wisdom all of us can benefit from

Question 4

His answer – can we have a moment of applause here?

Question 5

A huge lesson in an answer

Question 6 – this is still Twitter guys. UNBELIEVABLE


Last question…

Boy, oh boy!

His answer to the last question simply steals the show! Just imagine, waking up one day, tweeting Ali Zafar, not anticipating him to respond, instead have a whole interview in return! UNFATHOMABLE. Applause for Ali Zafar for taking out the time and answer those great questions. And his answers were pretty decent too.

So guys, can you ever imagine getting a response like that?

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