Ali Sethi Is Being Trolled On Twitter For Not Making Enough Original Music

Ali sethi trolled

Days of quarantine have brought out the best in some, while others remain frustrated. A way of shredding isolation has seen people go live on their social media accounts to interact with others. Celebrities too have followed this route.

Ali Sethi has been going live on his Instagram account, doing covers and gaining traction. This, in turn, became the reason for him being talked about on social media.

One user took to Twitter and stated: “At least Taher Shah comes up with originals every time. Can we say the same about Ali Sethi?”

In retrospect, Taher Shah recently came out with the Urdu version of his famous song ‘Angel’, with the recent one being titled ‘Farishta‘. The Twitterati had a terrific time creating memes of the new Taher Shah single. However, it was for left for Ali Sethi to bear the brunt of that.

Ali Sethi gets the stick from fans

Once the tweet started getting attention, more people followed with bashing Ali Sethi. The reason? Not producing enough original songs and still being considered as one of Pakistan’s top artists.

All was fine till @AliSethiMusic decided to engage in the heated debate. He wrote: Uhh, I released six original songs last year, but ofc this troll auntie knows better.”

One thing is for sure, if you’re a celebrity on social media, you NEVER give food to the trolls. This is exactly what Sethi did and after that, he was subjugated to all sorts of jokes.

The user then returned to her original tweet, asking Ali Sethi to take it easy. The point she made was verified and supported by many others, that Sethi had been covering too many songs and not releasing enough originals. It is pertinent to add here that nobody doubted Ali Sethi’s singing abilities.

After that, it was Sethi’s turn to shy away from Twitter as users started creating jokes and memes on the issue.

This is how the internet reacted

Moreover, some even discussed the episode where a troll had resorted to abuse Sethi, to which Sethi retaliated and took a dig at the troll’s family. One thing, however, is certain, that the Twitterati do not spare anyone.

Previously, Shamoon Ismail had also been subjected to trolling online for making racist remarks against the Chinese on COVID-19.

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