Journalist Ali Salman Was Using Many Fake Social Media Accounts To Blackmail Women

ali salman fake accounts

Police arrested Journalist Ali Salman Alvi on June 29. A First Information Report (FIR) was registered against him, after his wife, Sadaf Zahra was found dead at their house in Rawalpindi. Now, more evidence against Ali is surfacing on social media.

Zahra’s close friend who narrated the whole incident about the abuse Zahra faced during her 7 years of marriage, has now revealed the fake accounts run by Ali. She alleged that Ali used those accounts to blackmail women.

Also, she shared a video of Ali’s friends who were conveniently discussing Ali’s immoral acts. The friends who were also his roommates at some point were discussing how Ali always used to be surrounded by women. They also said that Ali always had money even at the end of the month.

Moreover, according to the FIR registered on June 29, Alvi was accused by his sister-in-law, Mahwish Zahra, of murdering his wife and covering it up as a suicide. The police claimed that it had carried out post-mortem and forensics of the body. They also sent the suicide note of the victim for forensics to ascertain its authenticity.

However, Rawalpindi Police, in response to a question on Twitter said that ‘justice will be ensured most definitely’.

“The case is being investigated thoroughly, and evidence being closely analyzed. CPO @AhsanPSP and Rawalpindi Police have ‘time and again’ exhibited our absolute zero-tolerance against abuse on women & children,” tweeted Rawalpindi Police’s official.

Social media is also abuzz with the Justice for Zahra trend. People from all walks of life demanding a speedy trial in the case to bring the culprit to justice.


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