Ali Noor Introduces Us To His Daughter’s Extremely Cute Entrepreneurial Mind In This Video!

We all know how cool Ali Noor and Ali Hamza are; there is just no need to even explain this. Noori is one Pakistani band that has not failed to impress us at any point in life. With dedication and hard work in each of their albums and songs, these two brothers show that nothing is unachievable and nothing is out of reach.

As talented as these two are, seems like the upcoming generation in the household is doing fine on genes. Ali Noor reveals to us about his daughter, Sanjana’s, latest business planning and it so cute that you will definitely go gaga over it.

Here is a video of the whole event:

As you can see, Sanjana had set up a small stall of cheese balls for people, and she was selling one for just Rs. 30. She also managed to post a small sign for her latest business, and just like a good company she provided customer support by arranging a chair and a table. A sauce, which seems to be ketchup, is also there for her “clients” as she professionally calls her customers. Ali Noor, her beloved father, was her first client, and he had the opportunity of trying her cheese balls while fresh.

The look on Sanjana’s face as Ali Noor takes first bite is priceless, and even better when he praises her idea and compliments her. This is the kind of parenting and child support all parents need to see. Promoting little talents of their child and complimenting them at every step of their life just to keep them motivated enough to push a little further day by day will eventually bring a star out of them.


The price of Sanjana’s cheese balls was only Rs.30, adding up to quite an amount for a child as young as her if all her items get sold, to be honest. If she keeps this up, maybe someday she will turn into something great when she grows up. Needless to say, if anyone needs to check out examples of parenting done right, Ali Noor and Sanjana can be great guides to this.

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