Ali Noor Became a 'Churri Wala' on Chaand Raat and His Thoughts about It Are Mighty Inspirational

Ali Noor Became a ‘Churri Wala’ on Chaand Raat and His Thoughts about It Are Mighty Inspirational

Calling out all Noori fanatics, our superstars have come a long way winning our hearts with their music. Now they seem to explore more outlets where they can channel their creativity and abilities as artists and of course, make us go crazy.

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Just recently, Ali Noor did pretty much a similar thing when he went under a makeover. Gone are those lustrous locks and a grave mustache, now the superstar came out totally different. His vlogged when he went under a surprising makeover, getting rid of the beard and totally leaving everyone stunned.

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Ali Noor continues to vlog and it’s great to see him beyond music and singing, discover him as a person and his insights on life in general. As a huge Noori fan, it’s absolutely a treat for me! But that’s not all, Ali once again did something amazing and this time, he really reminded us again why we love him.

Ali Noor sold bangles and Mehendi on Chaand Raat; the atmosphere was uplifted with some music as fans joined him

Ali Noor selling churriyaan? It sounds crazy! Yes, but that’s the notion of any credible artist you can come across. So, he arranged a kind of a spot where fans met and joined him for fun. There was some good music and all smiles as the crowd hustled and bustled. Check it out in the following video:

Notice how this guy goes all crazy. It’s good to see him living out life and enjoying everything he stands for. It’s great to see him taking up this new course where he entertains his fans.

At the end of the video, Ali Noor speaks out some words of inspiration that simply doubles our respect for him

Some say I am a Rockstar. I travel business class, sleep in that executive suite with unlimited room service, demand that headlining spot in a concert, otherwise, I’ll threaten not to play… or just throw a tantrum because someone forgot to send that expensive jeep to pick me up.

Seems like all that is pointless now.

This night I was a Churri Wala… a street musician, playing for no money. My life seems to be changing. I think there is a new a future out there. A love and an affection of another kind. A lesson in humility that is priceless and most importantly, a new belief that there are those out there that can make you more than a millionaire in just one night.

– Ali Noor.

With that being said, Ali unleashes his true soul, the beautiful mind he has and his innate essence of being a true artist. I’m geared up to see him continue all this and provide us more and more insight into his life with his vlogs.

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