Ali Moeen Nawazish Reacts to Sharmeen Obaid’s Harassment Claim After a Doctor Sent a Friend’s Request to her Sister

The Oscar and Emmy award winner Sharmeen Obaid surely knows how to set her foot down. The filmmaker has always fought and spoken on the rights of women and never backdowns from what she believes.

Recent, Sharmeen Shared How a Doctor in AKU Sent her Sister a Friends’ Request on Facebook After Treating her

In three tweets, Sharmeen shared how this comes under harassment and that “the doctor messed with the wrong women in the wrong family.”

Her Next Point Validates the Very Fact that the Doctor Incharge Used the Patients Information to Find her on Facebook

And Here’s When She Said this Comes Under Harassment

On bringing this matter to the social space, columnist Ali Moeen Nawazish shared his take with his followers. Nawazish clearly stated that will the doctor’s request was extremely unethical, this does not come under harassment, something which Sharmeen Obaid highlighted while shedding light on the matter.

Here’s What Nawazish Shared on his Facebook Page:

Sharmeen Obaid thinks sending a request on social media is harassment: RIDICULOUS

People get requests on social media all the time. Sometimes it is for networking and sometimes you just want to stay in touch with the person. People who are related to or close to public figures get it more. Especially because generally I don’t know about here, but they use that status to get special treatment. Hundreds of people add me on Facebook a day.

Now Sharmeen Obaid says that’s this is harassment. I am sorry but I not only fail to see it but also feel like throwing around such a claim is actually taking away from real victims of harassment.

Sending a request on Facebook which you can accept or refuse is not really any form of harrasment. Is asking for someone’s number harrasment too? Which is going to be perfectly acceptable because it’s accepted in Western countries right?

Whats next, asking for a pen is harassment, asking for a tissue would be harrasment. A picture in which someone accidentally comes in the background will be harrasment. Looking at someone for three seconds will be harassment???

Please, there were no wrong connotations and this is just ridiculous. Should the doctor have sent the request? No! Was it unusual? Yes. Was it unprofessional? Yes. Was he harassing her? Oh please.

PS: Also there are many boundaries is Pakistan. More values than most countries. So stop with the Pakistan shaming, please!!


What’s your take on this? Does this really come under harassment?

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