Ali-Meesha & Patari: Pakistani Celebrities Are Now Stepping Forward To Voice Their Opinions

Patari was an app that saved a lot of people in Pakistan through their music. Well, let’s just say that Patari saved the face of the music industry that was to serve the millennials in a much better way. They served the people of Pakistan with the likes of Noor Jehan and Mehdi Hasan in the category of classics and the contemporary pop bands like Noori. Patari was at its peak when it got into some serious trouble of allegations. The female employee of the company accused the founder, Khalid Bajwa of sexual harassment alongside all the screenshots.


Just when the screenshots of the employee were out, surprisingly there were many other girls who came forward to share the similar story to experience with Khalid Bajwa. Which eventually lead to terminate Khalid from exercising his position in the company. In the meantime, this all was happening the Ali-Mesha story covered the internet. But who knew that both the very famous of controversies would combine to make another.

After the first hearing of the case, the court asked Meesha to respond back to the defamation charges put by Ali

According to a report of the famous news publication, Patari and Ali Zafar were seen to discuss the very serious matter which included to sabotage the career of Meesha’s brother. Farish Shafi recently sang a song with Ali Sethi which was to be released soon.

Here’s what actually happened to the release of that song


This is the internal conversation between the employes of Patari. The company is seen to have been inclined towards Ali Zafar; as it is stated by the employee to prefer Ali’s liking. And to change the release of Faris’s song which, according to Ali Zafar, was looking like a favor to Meesha. Oh! Come on.

Here is what many celeb and others have to say about the case of Ali putting Meesha’s brother down

Ali’s call for the “Stars” and sarcastically telling how the power of fame goes

The request was indeed obligued

With the fame and power, we all could see how Ali is trying his best to put down Meesha and people around her. This is an act of very low morale. Even if he has not done anything, this is just not right.

What do you think guys?

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