Ali Gul Pir Pointed Out How This TV Show Ridiculed Bushra Maneka’s Hijab and It is Not Okay

Ali Gul Pir the “Waderay Ka Beta” is often seen to be pointing out the issues that not many people have the audacity to talk about. His whats and hows about the right doings and wrongdoings are usually very subjective to the people of our country. Some 40% agree to him while a big chunk disagrees to him and later bash him for his questions.

This time he actually did raise a very valid point. After the PM (Imran Khan) got married for the third time and later when the elections were approaching, many woke people of the twitter who claimed to be more aware and sensible than others started reminding people how this “Peerni” will be our first lady.

After the end of elections and results came out, those same people started questioning Bushra Maneka’s hijab. Their concern was that she shouldn’t be representing the women of Pakistan by wearing this kind of hijab. Umm… what about her choice?

Here the question comes, that the world for which the pyary Pakistanis are every worried also talk about freedom of choice. Don’t they? Then why do these people fail to mention that in the case of Bushra Maneka?

Well, Ali said that mimicking politicians have ruined the face of comedy on our TV channels, and now they have stooped so low to mimic and mock the family members of these politicians.

One of the followers from Ali’s twitter cleared that how this particular show was not aired for mimicking Bushra but rather they showed how this too is one of the kinds of hijabs

Ali later cleared by showing another photo where some actors disguised themselves as Imran Khan and Bushra Maneka and ridiculed them

We can’t shut the whole system when it is so deeply rooted! Or can we?

Indeed, it is offensive. Why make a joke of anyone, anyway?

Our media has never monitored such shows, which otherwise can offend people in general. How is her hijab hurting anyone?

Well, Ali’s point is totally valid, if not talking about that very particular show but other TV shows and people over the internet are always hateful of these things. And if some people do it by saying that others do it as well then dear buddy your whataboutism is not helping your sorry argument.

What do you guys think of this?

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