A Message of Hope: Ali Gul Mallah’s Story of Overcoming Challenges

A Message of Hope Ali Gul Mallah's Story of Overcoming Challenges

Ali Gul Mallah, a renowned Pakistani actor, opened up about a challenging period in his life when he contemplated ending his life. Mallah, known for his stellar performances in various dramas, including the popular “Besharam” and “Ishq Murshid,” shared his difficult journey on Nadir Ali’s podcast.

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Recalling the tough times, he shared, “I was very young, and my mother passed away; I was shattered, felt like an orphan, and faced homelessness and starvation. Unable to live with relatives, I went to a railway track with the intention of ending my life.” However, a moment of reflection changed his course. “While going to attempt suicide, I thought for a second, ‘I will die, someone else will take the cycle, and the cycle owner will think I am a thief.’ I returned the cycle I had borrowed and even gave him one rupee. At that moment, a friend approached me with a script he had written for me, diverting my thoughts from suicide,” Mallah shared in the podcast. He emphasized the importance of treating orphans well and urged compassion towards those facing difficulties.

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