Ali Banat: Muslim Millionaire Turned Humanitarian Dies From ‘Gift’ Of Cancer

Ali Banat was an Australian millionaire and businessman. He lived all his life like a normal millionaire who bought watches for collection and shoes as a hobby. Ali was a spent thrift guy who owned the most lavish cars and the most famous brands for himself who lived like a king who bought everything he liked for himself.

Ali was diagnosed with 4th stage of cancer and was given only 7 months further to live. He not only surpassed the time given to him to live but he utilized the time given to him in the most beautiful of ways. His friend recorded a video of him 4 months after he was diagnosed with cancer, where Ali mentioned how he believes that this cancer is a gift to him from Allah. He was asked why he believes cancer to be a gift, to which he said that Allah has given him a chance to relive his life like a different human.

Ali gave away all his wealth to the needy. All his belongings to the people who are underprivileged

The time Ali was given to live, he made the most out of it. He worked really hard, somehow he was reawoken by cancer. He extended his remaining lifetime and erected an organization. “Muslims Around the World” MATW, in which Ali made a village for hundreds of windows and schools for many orphans. Ali made sure that any sponsorship that he receives goes straightly to his charity work and do not merge with administration fees.

One of his friends said:

“Imagine this is the man who used to never pray before. Who was rich as hell. Who was richly materialistic. Who bought watches as a hobby and had different sports cars. Years later he changed into a whole new man, came up with the MATW project and helped the poor.”

Smiles that shed light on Ali’s life and his dedication

This is Ali’s last message that he recorded. As heartbreaking it is to see him this weak, he thanked everyone who supported him!

It is very clear the strength he gained through his time of cancer. He was weak emotionally when he was diagnosed with cancer but he gained perspective from people who he helped. People who loved him for his work, his work that will continue to give him prayers for eternity.

Ali’s gift of cancer

May his soul rest in peace. Indeed it was a gift and he made a great use of his gift. Now, the world is talking about him and how princely he died but lived in everyone’s heart!

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