Ali Ahmad Awan – Pakistan’s Young Social Media Activist and Motivational Speaker You Need To Know About!

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Ali Ahmad Awan is a young Social Media Activist and Motivational Speaker of Pakistan. Ali strongly influences youngsters and urges them to excel. He has always been a fan of living a settled lifestyle.

Ali is an avid reader of Psychology. His life goals used to be directed towards following a traditional pathway that was set for him. He always challenges the simplicity of life because he knows that nothing exciting happens in comfort zone. His parents are the driving force behind the refinement of his skills.

Ali uses the power of technology to transform lives, communicate ideas which lead to great discoveries. In adverse situations, many would give up and think that the world has nothing more left for them. But that is not true.


His Father Mohsin Nawaz is visually impaired and Wheelchair bound. His Father is First TV and Radio Host in the World with Multi-Disability but his father did not surrender to these challenges rather he overcame them with acceptance and determination.

Ali owes much of his success to his parents. The role of his parents in his life is simply stupendous.Ali’s readiness for learning and responsible behavior gave him various opportunities to excel. Ali says that his mentor’s utmost support and encouragement impacted his life in a manner that imparted confidence and positive energy.

Ali is an embodiment of saying yes to life! Ali started motivating people through different platforms.As a young boy, he is determined to learn about the world and to improve the lives of others. Ali got the award of BEST YOUNG SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVIST AWARD and is one of the Young Motivational Speaker of Pakistan.

Ali believes that boundaries exist only in minds and if you are truly passionate about something, nothing in this world can stop you from achieving that. He is especially an inspiration for youngsters. He used to attend different effective and skillful Workshops/Conferences to enhance his exposure and experience in his childhood.

His videos bring new energy to life. Ali is full of positive energy.His videos not only influence youngsters but many top celebrities of the subcontinent. Ali has a huge fan following on Facebook. Ali is one the most subscribed youngster of Pakistan on Youtube. Mayor of Lahore Colonel (r) Mubashir Javed also invited Ali to encourage him.

Ali knows how to win people. Ali says that he had the choice to make entertaining videos but he preferred to make life skills in his impressive entertaining style. He loves to greet wonderful new day every day. He frequently reminds his audiences that people become what they think about most of the time.

He always proves that nothing is impossible for a willing heart. Ali seems to be a true believer in his parent’s words that the Faith makes everything possible and he is now the example of this life changing quote.Ali firmly believes that knowledge is to be shared.

Ali is keen to read self-help books every day.He advocates a better way of responding to disappointments and frustration.Ali says:

“We are responsible for all the negative things in our lives because we attract negative things by thinking negative”.

One cannot appreciate light until he has tasted darkness. Many youngsters idealize him. He excels the art of helping people find that missing spark in life and the urge to bring a change. A change that will move you to new levels of success and serenity of mind and soul. He courageously advocates intellectual optimism to not be restricted in thoughts.

Ali says that many great ideas have been lost because the people who had them could not stand being laughed at. Ali entertainingly discusses failures and gives tips to overcome them. Indeed, he is an uplifting personality. He always brings out best in people. After being through his motivational words, one feels raised on the standards of personality development.

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