“#PrayForAlgeria” Algeria Fire Blaze Destroys Houses & Humans

First, it was Turkey and now Algeria’s wildfires breakthrough damaging people’s life and destroying forests. Till now almost 65 people died including 28 soldiers sent to help out the firefighters.

The fire spread all over the Kabylie region’s mountainous area and it considered the worst nightmare in the country’s history. It didn’t stop due to heatwaves and instead of getting control over it, things got way out of hand.

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On Monday the fire blaze first began in the mountain forests and villages east of Algiers, then spread all over the country regions like Berber destroyed lot of houses some people got evacuated and some got injured. Fire Fighters are still trying to extinguish the blaze and stop it from damaging more.

Soldiers, People Killed In Fire Blaze- Who Did That?

Source: Middle East Monitor

Since the smoke came on, police have arrested some suspects for starting this heavy fire incident. Citizens are running as well to help out the firefighters in every way possible.

As per the officials they blame arson for it, even President Abdelmadjid Tebboune has also declared three days of national mourning for the victims.

Source: Middle East Monitor

According to the report on Wednesday total of 69 fires were burning as the heatwave sweeping towards North Africa. The flames got blown because of the air and the dry condition.

In the Tizi Ouzou district luckily people were fled to another place, but the fire has damaged most of the houses and many of the people remote in villages.

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Algeria is in an emergency state, they even asked for their European allies to rent firefighters to extinguish the red flames. The incident took on social media, even there people have been called out for volunteer as well.

Why Fire Fighters Couldn’t Extinguish The Blaze?

One of the main reasons behind this is the heatwave that’s making the wind even hotter. No doubt Algeria already suffering from a high intensity of heatwave along with the wind too. The same similar situation occurred all across the northern Mediterranean.

Source: Arab Weekly

Tizi Ouzou district temperature is at its worst and hitting with the forecast to hit around  116 degrees Fahrenheit this week.

Regarding the suspects and fire, the Government had claimed that behind the fire that’s none other than arsonists. They have even arrested three suspects and interrogations are going on. They were connected with the fires in cities including Medea and Annaba.

Higher Officials Statements & Remarks

Prime Minister Aimee Benabderrahmane has said to the TV that, “17 civilians had died, raising the count from seven previously. He provided no details.” Further, he added, “leads one to believe these were criminal acts”.

As per the President, “The deaths and injuries on Tuesday occurred mainly around Kabyle’s capital of Tizi Ouzou, which is flanked by mountains, and also in Bejaia, which borders the Mediterranean Sea.”

Source: Daily Sabah

Recently in Turkey, a huge wildfire of rage broke out in 41 different areas and went on for three days. Damaged houses, caused three deaths and over 100 people got injured.

Social media followed a new hashtag #PrayforAlgeria. The abroad-living Algerians spoke up about the incident and for their people.

According to the Climate scientist, “there is little doubt climate change from the burning of coal, oil and natural gas is driving extreme events such as heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, floods, and storms.”

There’s no doubt that climate change is one of the reasons driving wildfires in the western United States and also in Russia’s northern region of Siberia. The same massive heat is also emerging and fueling the fire in Greece and Turkey.

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