Aleha Jahanzeb From LGS Defence Wins All Asia Debate Competition To Make Pakistan Proud

Pakistani All Asia debate

In times as we are facing nowadays, sadness and despair have become a part of life. Hence, the human mind craves the need to have a piece of good news to hear or a miraculous encounter of goodness once in a while.

Pakistan is currently facing a turbulent time, provided a threatful increase in the number of COVID patients and the political and economic crises.

Pakistani Girl wins All Asia Debate Tournament

A proud and honorable moment it is for all the Pakistani public as a young under-19 aged girl, Aleha Jehanzeb just won the All Asia Debate tournament. Above all, she is also the head girl at the LGS Defence school. And has been an active member of debating and public speaking competitions.

Pakistani All Asia debate

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Previously, this young beauty represented her country, Pakistan, at the International Public Speaking Competition in London which was held by The English Speaking Union. Wow! Looks like Aleha Jehanzeb truly has a bright and prospering future right in front of her.

Aleha Jehanzeb is also a hard-working and bright student who is always making sure to stay ahead in her field. She is a bright and intelligent lady and in times when positivity seems to be minimal, such brilliant news is very refreshing.

A lesson to be learned

All we can say is that we are immensely proud of her hard work and accomplishment. It is truly inspiring and quite impressive to see how such young and beautiful minds are making a difference. It is also quite motivational for other girls, and boys even; who are of the same age as Aleha Jehanzeb, to view this victory as a form of motivation and look within their own self and succeed.

It is indeed quite faith-affirming and gives us the chance to wonder that hard work truly pays off. Above all, we would like to wish and congratulate young, aspiring, and beautiful Aleha Jehanzeb for her tremendous victory. We couldn’t be more proud. We pray and hope that nothing can diminish your shine. And may your hard work motivate many more girls and boys your age to take part in other competitions and make us all proud.

Lastly, all we can hope for is that everyone in our society is given a chance to fulfill their dreams. The nation must stand as one and promote girls for their passion and determination to becoming global changemakers.

It is about time that we stop criticizing people for their accomplishments and make them feel proud of it. We must make sure that we don’t repeat the same mistakes of killing dreams, such a young girl in Swat was trolled for sharing her beautiful poetry in the world. No! We must allow them to embrace their skills and passion and allow them to grow.

We wish Aleha Jehanzeb a lot of success and prosperity. May she never falter and face difficulty. And may she always make us Pakistanis proud with her hard work and dedication.

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