Social Worker Alamgir Khan Exposes The Rotten Condition Of Schools In Sindh

Alamgir Khan Exposes Schools Sindh

It is quite unfortunate to witness the caliber of education in Pakistan getting worse over the years just for the sake of money. Especially, the ‘Saeen Sarkar’ hasn’t left any chance to derail the future of the students of Sindh.

Well, the ongoing lockdown due to the pandemic is the cherry on top as students aren’t satisfied with the online sessions. However, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is now considering options to make exams happen. Currently, a video of FixIt’s Alamgir Khan is gathering attention in which he is exposing the corruption of the Sindh government behind education.

Alamgir Khan’s trip to Sindh schools

Starting with the infamous Bhutto, Alamgir Khan stated, ”Today, I swear to God that (Zulfiqar Ali) Bhutto isn’t going to come out of any house. And he won’t be born in the same province again. Because someone who is courageous and competent like Bhutto comes out of a good educational institute. And in this Sindh province, the quality of education is completely devastated. See for yourself.”

سندھ کے تعلیمی اداروں کی حالت، ذمےدار وزیرِ تعلیم سعید غنی

سندھ کے تعلیمی اداروں کی حالت، ذمےدار وزیرِ تعلیم سعید غنیSorry, BHUTTO will never be produced again with this pathetic education system

Gepostet von Alamgir Khan am Sonntag, 10. Mai 2020

”Here students are cows, buffaloes, goats, donkeys. They are tied here and are getting an education, they are the final product, they get a degree from here. As per the Article 25A of the constitution, ‘The state shall provide free and compulsory education to all children. Between the age of five to sixteen years in such a manner as may be determined by the law’‘, he added.

Not many schools, no basic facility

On the number of schools, Alamgir said, ”Out of 47,000 schools all over Sindh, 6,000 schools have been closed. 18,000 schools don’t have the necessary drinking water. 24,000 schools don’t have a proper toilet facility. 19,000 schools don’t even have a playground. 25,000 schools don’t have a boundary wall. And last but not the least, 24,000 schools don’t even have electricity.”

Alamgir Khan Exposes Schools Sindh

Source: Dawn

”Its disappointing because in Sindh’s education sector 600 billion rupees have been spent till now. Then where is all the money going? I’ll demand answers for every penny of my tax money. Parents come to us and complain that their children study in private schools and the fees are touching the sky”, he revealed.

Making money in the name of education

Moreover, he asserted, ”Well, these institutes are in the money-making business. Every month they pay 10,000 rupees bribe to the education ministry. Which is why they are easily running their business in a 120-acre rent bungalow. For the worried parents, I’ll say that there are government institutions if the authorities have the will to make things right.”

He concluded with, ”In this same Pakistan, in Islamabad, there is a fine relatable example. There the government schools are providing better education and people have started leaving private institutions.” Well, last week, journalist Iqrar Ul Hassan also bashed the Sindh government for doing corruption over the years.

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