AkzoNobel’s Great Initiative To Help Empower The Youth Of Pakistan!

Pakistan today and especially its youth are standing at a very crucial place in history right now. We are almost on the brink of a major crisis if we do not get our act’s straight. As a nation, we are in a dire need of a turnaround. It is that time where something has to be done, an action has to be taken. People and organizations who are in power and can actually make a difference will now have to step up. Thankfully, AkzoNobel is there to make a start, that first step towards the all-important change that we need is now taken.

Literally an example for others to follow:

AkzoNobel’s flagship brand Dulux has donated 48,000 Euros to SOS Children’s Village Pakistan in the efforts to uplift the lives of young people under the care of SOS Children’s Villages of Pakistan. This initiative is part of AkzoNobel’s “Let’s Colour” global program that aims to use education and renovation to drive a positive impact on youth unemployment.

The Cheque was handed over to Saba Faisal, National Director SOS Village by Saad Mahmood Rashid CEO AkzoNobel Pakistan. The donation funds will be used in the construction of an SOS primary school in Khairpur and an SOS Children’s village in Rawalakot.

AkzoNobel sure has the vision to bring the best out from the youth:

The Rawalakot Project is expected to be completed by December 2020. Additionally, a portion of the funds will be used to host an SOS annual inter-village cricket tournament which is expected to take place in Lahore from 23rd December to 27th December.

As part of their ongoing association with SOS Village, AkzoNobel is also planning to provide Youth Mentorship Sessions. These will give young and aspiring kids professional counseling alongside internship opportunities which will give them exposure to a corporate environment and workplace.

Speaking about the initiative, Saad Mahmood Rashid, CEO AkzoNobel Pakistan stated, “As a company that truly values Corporate Social Responsibility, we see this as a great opportunity to not only give back to the local community but also help

in empowering the youth with practical skills that increase their opportunities to become entrepreneurs – a key solution to fighting the current youth unemployment in Pakistan.”

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