Akcent Accuses Faisalabad Concert Organizers Of Scamming!

Akcent Accuses Faisalabad Concert Organizers Of Scamming!

As the security conditions of Pakistan are on its way to progression, several international personalities have visited the country till now. Similarly, in the last few years, the Romanian pop band Akcent has showered Pakistan with all its love and respect. But recently, because of the fraudulent organizers and scamming, Akcent has refused to perform as per schedule in Faisalabad.

Akcent Accuses Faisalabad concert organizers of scamming and non-professionalism!

Since the Romanian band members landed in Pakistan, they have been providing some serious jealousy vibes to Indians. Back in September, Akcent shamed India yet again with a slurp of ‘fantastic tea’ and the reactions were amusing. However, in the turning of events, Akcent has accused today’s Faisalabad concert organizers of scamming and non-professionalism ending in refusal to perform.

Here’s what Akcent had to say about the incident!

Calling out the company and the organizing lead’s name, Akcent announced the bad news on their official Facebook. As per the star performer Adrian Sina’s post, the organizers called ‘Sethi Sons Events & Studios’ played a scam on him. Further, the lead vocalist announced that his concert that was to happen today in Faislabad will not have him on board due to the explained reasons.

Pakistanis in support of Akcent and demanding a thorough investigation!

“Hello Faisalabad, I will not perform Today in Faisalabad due to non-professional organizers Hanan Sethi “SETHI SONS EVENTS & STUDIO” They did a scam for this concert”, Adrian Sina wrote. Apparently, the news has spread a wave of disappointment and anger against the trickery organizers among Akcent admirers.

An apology is necessary!

Best time to reveal your background? Maybe?

Rumors are that the venue is not yet confirmed for Karachi as well!

Punjab Group of Colleges next time?

The concerned authorities should take immediate action!

This is indeed a shameful act by the organizers and the venue college who had the chance to represent Pakistan. However, until now, Akcent has performed in Lahore and Bahawalpur on their Pakistan tour but the plan now seems absolutely different. Back when the Romanian band landed in the country, Pakistanis gave Akcent a warm welcome.

Not only civilians but the army personnel of Pakistan also met with Adrian Sina on their arrival. Among others, Akcent also met (DG ISPR) Director General Inter Servies Public Relations Asif Ghafoor over a cup of ‘fantastic tea’. However, the treatment the pop band has received in Faislabad should lead to an official investigation by the concerned authorities.

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