Akcent And Edward Maya Are Touring Pakistan And Fans Are Looking Forward To It!

Just recently Pakistanis were blown away in disappointment, seeing how our neighboring countries enjoyed the performances of the famous English band Coldplay. While Coldplay wouldn’t choose Pakistan in their touring trips (unfortunately), there are two musicians who always, ALWAYS include Pakistan in their touring lists – Akcent and Edward Maya.

Both, Edward Maya and Akcent have performed numerous times in Pakistan. Last year in October, Maya performed in Peshawar KPK, a place where most of the Pakistanis never thought an international celebrity will perform due to security concerns.



Akcent also performed in Islamabad last year and Islamabadis made sure they showed the Romanian singer their wild side.

While both these Romanian singers, composers, DJs and performers love performing in Pakistan, Maya would be visiting Lahore for the first time since he started touring in Pakistan.



Performing on the 27th of January in Beaconhouse Defence Campus, King of EDM is set to show Lahoris how to party in style.

On the other hand, Akcent will be grooving in DHA Golf Club in Karachi on the 3rd February 2017. Akcent will be embracing the crowd of Pakistan after 7 years, last performing in front of 2,000 crazy Lahori fans in December 2010.

These Romanian entertainers gave us a number of hits to groove in the mid and late 2000s. These include That’s My Name, Stereo Love, Stay With Me and Desert Rain.

Stereo Love – Edward Maya Feat. Vika Jigulina

That’s My Name – Akcent

My Passion – Akcent

Desert Rain – Edward Maya Feat. Viki Jigulina

Much of our 2000s was filled with the EDM tracks by these two performers. While Akcent will be performing after years in Pakistan, Maya will be performing for the first time in Lahore, that too in the chilly winter season. Let’s hope Pakistanis give these two Romanian performers a hell of a show!






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