“Aise Kapre Pehentay Hain Or Phir Kehte Hain Rape Hogaya” – I Am Responsible For My Acts, Please Think About Yours!

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I am sixteen years old, and I am confused because as a child, I was taught a different religion, but as I grew up, it turned out to be a completely changed one. In past few years, when I go active on social media, I read things, that I had never realized before,

“Tum Musalman Ho Tumhe Ye Nahe Kerna Chahye”, Thanks a lot for reminding me that I am a Muslim, I genuinely did not know that I was one because, since the time I was a child, I was told by my parents that there was no compulsion in religion, God gives you two options, and it is your choice to follow any, and no matter what path you chose, you are going to be accountable to Allah only.


How is this my fault, that my mom did not tell me that God has left his assistants in this world, who are going to bash you for everything they think you are up to, without knowing what you are actually up to. I am really sorry, for I thought only Allah can judge me, as he calls himself ‘The Supreme Judge’, I did not know he had appointed people to take that role that was supposed to be his, in this world.

Source: The Muslim Vibe

“Aise Kapre Pehentay Hain Or Phir Kehte Hain Rape Hogaya”, True, again I am sorry, it’s my fault because my parents didn’t tell me that I should cover myself not only because Allah has commanded me to cover, but I should also cover myself so that the strong Emaan of the pious men around me, not get deteriorated, as their Emaan is so strong that it has a very strong chance of being weakened just by the skin that covers my bones.

I am also sorry for I was told that covering one’s body comes under the heading of Haqooq Allah, whose forgiveness is in the hands of Allah, who can forgive you whenever you ask him to, but hurting someone physically and/or emotionally is a violation of Haqooq-Al-Ibaad. What if Allah has forgiven those already, whom you have bashed, and hurt your whole life? Imagine, what will be Allah do to you, if the person chooses the path of silence, and leave everything upon Allah? Actions are judged by intentions, no matter how God-fearing you think you are, you cannot peak into someone’s heart to know their intentions.

Source: AboutIslam.net

“It’s our responsibility, to correct something, if its wrong”, true, I do not doubt this, but what seems wrong to you may seem right to someone else. Ever heard about respecting opinions? But still, I do not think it’s wrong to express an opinion about something you find wrong, but there is a way of doing that too. Please do not flaunt the type of education and environment, you’ve been brought up in the name of expressing opinions. You think I am revealing too much skin? Let me know with reasoning, if I found it reasonable, I’ll act upon it, if not, I am sure there will be someone who’ll act upon your advice. Please make an advice look like an advice, and not as a WWF fighting ring. More people will listen to you that way.

Our religion is an extremely beautiful religion of peace, and respect, please let it remain like that. If something bothers you, try to make other parties understand it, if they do not understand it, leave it and move on. Hurt no one, we are guests of few days in this world. We are all going to die alone, and we will be resurrected alone. No one will be accountable for my sins, and I will be accountable for no one’s sins. Please take care of your own grave, and utilize this brief period of time on earth in minding your own business. PLEASE!

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