Action Taken Against Airport Staff Looting Passengers For Coronavirus Clearance!

coronavirus screening

In the wake of Coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan, the government has set up medical screenings at the major airports of Pakistan. However, Pakistanis have been misusing the facility for their own benefit.

Few days back, reports surfaced that health officials are allowing the passengers to leave the airport premises without being screened for coronavirus after paying money. However, the government has taken strict action against the health officials involved in the act.

Moreover, Intelligence agencies have begun close and strict monitoring of the health officials deployed at Jinnah International Airport. Health officials were accused of taking bribes from quarantined persons in exchange for permitting them to leave the airport.

coronavirus screening

source: Arab NewsPK

Now, the health officials are being strictly monitored to ensure that passengers arriving from outside Pakistan are allowed to leave the airport only after they pass through a thermal scanner. They are making sure that all the passengers are cleared of the infection. It is also being ensured that health officials carry out proper screening of all the passengers.

Airport staff bribing passengers

Moreover, a video is going viral on social media which shows that officials at the airport have made coronavirus a source of their extra income. The video alleged that doctors have received money from people coming from abroad. In the video, the man said that Doctors at airports demanded that if someone did not give them money, they would send them hospital in fear of the virus.

”Rishwat do warna virus ka khadsha zahir kar ke ghar nahin janay diya jaaega!” an airport official was heard saying in a video.

Moreover, along with the recorded video, the Twitter post read, “Pakistan main airport per tayeenat amla ne coronavirus ko kamai ka zariya bana liya. Beroon mulk se aanay waly Pakstaniyon ko daraya ja rha hai. Rishwat do warna virus ka khadsha zahir kar ke ghar nahin janay diya jaaega. Airport per tayeenat doctors ne musafiron ke passports zabt karna shuru kar diye”.

Coronavirus in Pakistan

Furthermore, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health, Dr Zafar Mirza said that the sixth case of the coronavirus in Pakistan confirmed on Thursday. Taking to Twitter, Dr Mirza said that the patient is in clinically stable condition in Sindh.

As a precautionary measure, the Sindh government had directed all educational institutions to remain closed till March 13. Of the sixth confirmed COVID-19 cases in Pakistan, all had a history of travel to Iran. Three of the cases are in Karachi and three in Gilgit-Baltistan.

People returning from China and Iran will stay in isolation for 14 days. There is no restriction on Pakistanis outside Wuhan city returning to the country.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia on Thursday emptied Islam’s holiest site for sterilisation over fears of the new coronavirus.

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