You Can’t Miss These MESMERIZING Sights from the Airshow in Karachi

Karachi had a stunning airshow taken place at the iconic location of Sea View in Clifton today. The United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team joined Pakistan Air Force to lit the sky for Karachiites. If you went to the previous airshow in Karachi, you must know what an awesome experience it is to witness the airshow live!

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The airshow was presented to mark 70 years of friendship between the United Kingdom and Pakistan. It was open to the public and my word, what a large crowd, ranging from celebrities to notable personalities joined the afternoon at Sea View. Different colours lit the sky, as the Red Arrows showed us a phenomenal piece of entertainment.

One by one, Karachiites flocked to sea view to witness the show of entertainment. If you missed it during the action-packed afternoon, let us present you a brief review, courtesy of Karachiites on Twitter.

Have a look at it!


A stunning heart made by JF-17 Thunder of Red Arrows

It’s surely a great time to be a Karachiite for people who managed to witness it live. We appreciate the harmonious effort taken by the Royal Air Force, most popularly known as Red Arrows for their aerobatic performances.

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