Ainak Wala Jinn’s Sequel Not Possible As Director Wrongs Nastoor Jinn [Parhlo Exclusive]

Attention 90’s Kids!!!

 You will most definitely remember the infamous world of magic and witchcraft from your childhood. No, we’re not talking about Harry Potter – something better, you might remember the Ainak Wala Jinn, that used to air on PTV. The immensely popular television series revolved around a kid, his family, and the magical world that revolved around them – namely, the lead actor, Nastoor Jin and his disciples – Zakoota, Bil Batori, Samari Jadguar and others.



Exclusive Interview with Shahzad Qaiser Bukhari

In an exclusive interview with Parhlo, Shahzad Qaiser Bukhari, the lead as Nastoor Jin from the show, spoke about how he had planned on creating a sequel for Ainak Wala Jinn, with the new technology of 3D animations – labeled “The Return of Nastoor”. Since the cast of Ainak Wala Jin wasn’t doing too well financially, this could have been the perfect chance to showcase our legends to the generation of today. Previously, Zakoota Jin, one of the show’s main actors was also in a deteriorating condition.


The Difficulties Faced By The Show

However, the road wasn’t going to be easy for Nastoor Jin. As he had been producing the show himself, he wanted to create a pilot or a couple of episodes for any TV channel to sign a contract and air the return of Nastoor. The show’s director brought in a letter from the PTV stating they wanted 20-30 episodes of the show to air it directly, and would have them sign the contract upon arrival. Shahzad Qaiser, funded all 30 episodes with the help of a partner and made it happen. On completion, the show was taken to PTV HQ in Islamabad. Upon arrival, Shahzad was struck with the worst news of his life, the PTV had not sent any letter – what Shahzad had previously seen was a fraudulent document, created by his sly director.


“I was shocked! My director had created a fake letter just so I could fund the complete show as he knew the PTV would not accept a few episodes,” Shahzad told Parhlo. “The director looked a rather simple guy, but he was getting paid and he took full advantage of my trust and excitement for the show,” he added.


The Effect On Nastoor Jin

The news hit Shahzad so hard, he lost his eyesight and became partially blind. It is pertinent to add here that the PTV had NO hand in the fraud altogether, the whole thing was orchestrated by the unnamed director.

Shahzad further added that today’s media is showing children the kind of cartoons our generations had repelled, stuff like Chota Beem, Doraemon etc – the kids of this current generation need to be shown the masterpiece that Ainak Wala Jin was, so the older generation gets to relive history as well.


Lest Help Nastoor Jin

Shahzad, has only one dream now – his baby, The Return of Nastoor, to be aired as soon as possible. Shahzad had sold his car, his property, and all his savings to compensate his partner who had funded and financed the created episodes. Shahzad is currently living in a house which is under construction.

Let us help Nastoor Jin and his entire team get what they deserve. Please share this post as much as you can, or send it directly to somebody who has contacts in the Pakistani media. Zaymeeeena!

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