AIB’s Video Mocking iPhone 7 Is The Most Hilarious Thing You’ll See Today

Unless you were hiding under a rock, you must have come across the new of the new iPhone 7 launch. All the apple fan boys and raving about it and all the android fan boys are dissing it.

We did a piece to cover the features and discuss them in detail as well. But, there has been a lot of negative reactions from the internet regarding a few of the more controversial changes that apple has brought about. More specifically, the no headphone jack!

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The internet has been poking fun as usual. The people on the internet can be brutal and unapologetic when it comes to tearing down big corporations. But recently, the popular All India Bakchod, have made the parody to end all parodies on iPhone.

without further ado

here it is in all its glory!

and if you really have been living under a rock these days, here is what they were inspired from:

And all those who couldn’t make fun of the new phone’s launch in video, simply tweeted about it.

Let’s make fun of how poor we all are

This guy has the perfect plan in place

She might be on to something

We feel you, brother. We feel you

What do you think of the new iPhone launch? Let us know!

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