AI, Plato and Ibn Sina (Avicenna)

AI and Plato, Ibn Sina (Avicenna)

Plato introduced the idea of universal and particular. Ibn Sina used the idea to understand the difference between humans and other animals. 

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Modern philosophers are pondering over the same question with humans and AI. AI engineers, on the other hand, are trying to achieve the unachievable.  

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is the net product of the binary system. The binary revolution is the last scientific ingestion. Humans who pondered over efficient ways to communicate ideas worked out a language of numbers to escape emotion and establish clarity in communications.

AI is the programming set up to imitate human cogitative thinking, assuring it may understand the human mind. The fundamental problem that is confusing for scientists is how to program AI to recognize the general conceptions of the human mind.  

Plato and Ibn Sina are two of the greatest thinkers in history. Plato is best known as Socrates’s student. Plato institutionalized Socrates’s philosophy into science (From speculation to evidence-based research). 

Ibn Sina was a great Muslim scientist and philosopher. Ibn Sina is best known for his work in medical science and theology. 

What is Common Between Plato and Ibn Sina?

Ibn Sina adopted the idea of universal and particular.

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What is universal and particular?

Plato first differentiated between the universal (general thing) and particular (specific thing). An example is the word “cat”. When we hear the word “cat”, we visualize an animal by its name, with whiskers, a tail, and four legs- universal. Some cats’ limbs are of different colors-particular.

In a study of languages, these are Nouns and Pronouns. Nouns are generalized names for groups of things. Pronouns are the names of the specific names in a particular group.

Ibn Sina used Plato’s idea to understand whether other animals can comprehend this difference like humans in his book Al-Nafs.

In the modern day and age, philosophers are pondering over the same question. Is AI able to comprehend the general idea of any question directed to it or not? AI scientists are developing new models every day to ensure that AI can fully comprehend the general idea of the questions directed to it.

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