Ahsan Khan Is Winning the Hearts of Millions after Seeking Help for a Differently-abled Child

Ahsan Khan, a brilliant actor who continues to amaze us with his acting skills. Millions love him and eagerly watch him on television and are arguably one of the best actors in our industry today. He’s also a very kind and compassionate human being. Ahsan takes on certain activities besides work that upholds him as one of the many people in showbiz to have a big heart for humanity.

Just recently, Ahsan Khan shared a report of a child suffering from a terrible condition. He wrote in his post that the child’s head hangs at 180-degrees. Her body is unable to function properly and he requested Pakistani people for help. Read his post below:

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This is Afsheen, her head hangs at a 180-degree angle. She can’t walk or stand properly, she was normal at her birth but fell while playing and hurt her neck. Her family couldn’t afford to see a doctor so they had to ignore her injury. As she’s growing up her problem is getting worse, she’s dependent on her family for everything, she can’t go to school, can’t eat and drink on her own.

Loving someone for their soul – instead of looks, social status, intelligence, financial well-being, lineage and other such factors – is true love. It is only then that you see the true beauty of a person or lack thereof.

Source: Ahsan Khan

The soul is what matters; everything else is insignificant. And it is for this reason that I am drawn to special needs children. They have the purest of souls and are truly beautiful individuals.

Afsheen needs our help, her father is also suffering from mouth cancer.

Source: Ahsan Khan

Are we ready to help?


Here’s a video for your reference:


It is originally a Facebook post shared by many people all over Pakistan.


We appreciate the effort laid down by Ahsan Khan, a celebrity who is humbly using his image and power to spread the word and save a life.

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