Pakistanis Are Bashing Ahmed Shehzad after He Puts His Child at Risk While Driving!

It had been quite a while since Pakistani cricketer Ahmed Shehzad rose to the surface level of news for doing something outrageous. Not long ago, he had been under direct criticism for his performances, his selfies, his attitude, and God knows what…

Source: CricketCountry

The sensational superstar whose performances have been questionable lately made an emphatic return against New Zealand. He hit sixes, put a large score on the board and imminently helped Pakistan team achieved the outcome. But that was long ago, especially after what he just surrounded himself with, now.

So, a screenshot from one of his Snapchat stories is going viral like crazy. It features Shehzad and his cute little son, where he has made him sit on his lap while driving. Now, we would normally think it’s cute and the father is having a quality time with his son. What we must not fail to realize is how dangerous that could be and how much he is putting his kid’s life in the hands of risk.

Here you go…

Let that sink in, guys. That’s just reckless behavior. Ever since this screenshot got viral on social media, Pakistanis were quick to react and continue to call out him on such an act.

Pakistanis are quite enraged by it and here’s how they react…

Seriously, quite irresponsible


Condemnable on all grounds!

People are quite right here. Ahmed Shehzad has a huge fan following and he needs to be cautious with his actions. He has quite an influence on the masses and any action would serve as an example for people to follow. This one happened to be one of the worsts.

What do you guys think about it?

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