The Darling Of Pakistan Ahmed Shah Is Being Bullied Online And It’s Not Okay

Ahmed Shah being bullied

Not long ago did we see this child, Ahmed Shah, and his videos making rounds on social media. It was his videos from his classroom where he was seen speaking adorably like an adult. Many thought that it wasn’t okay for a child of his age to speak in that manner with the teacher. But then they also took it as an expression of innocence. The thing is, whatever comes on social media, it gets through every kind of criticism. Some that are absolutely brutal, and some that are constructive.

Have a look at this video. This video is from a morning show where he was immediately invited following the days of his video going viral on social media. The host is trying to get reactions out of him and it’s simply disturbing to see a child treated this way.

Bullying on social media

Lately what we have seen on social media platforms that this child is being bullied. People saying, “he’s not that cute” or such comments need to understand he is just a child. Sure, people think the child is too young to be stood before the world in the entertainment industry lest people mock him but… this is completely uncalled for.

It is already bad to see such a young kid being used in every morning show for commercial benefits. He is too young to decipher what’s being done to him but the adults around him are no less idiotic. Every new celebrity invited in his show plays with him, tease him to get reactions, display love and etc. That’s fine. But look at it in a grander scheme of things. Can a child of his age handle fame?

The consequences

It is saddening to realize that none of the adults realize the consequences of such attention to the child. One day you’re under the limelight and everyone loves you but the next moment no one even remembers you. Can a child of his cope if put in such a situation? I’m afraid not.

He would have to go through a whole lot of therapy before he’d be able to understand how none of it was his fault. The sad part is, we don’t even know if he’d ever been able to check in with the therapies if, God forbid, such a need occurs.

Whether he’s cute or not, it’s not a national debate

Try replacing this kid with any of your family’s kids. Imagine the child being told he is not cute. Or that he is not entertaining. Or that he is overrated. Brutal and unfair. Ahmed Shah became a national commodity the second he gained fame. People would say whatever they liked, not caring about its effect on the kid. Now, he can’t read them but once he grows up, would he be able to cope?

Have a look at some of these tweets

Ahmed Shah and his younger brother

What makes the situation worse is seeing Ahmed Shah’s brother on the show with him. I mean, it is bad enough that one of them is being used by media but now there are two of them.

Ahmed Shah with TikTok Model Hareem Shah

This video went viral on social media back in the days this model put up on her profile. I don’t know if you see the problem in this, but that is not the way to fondle a child. And this is not even the worst part. The comments that came under this video were even disgusting. It is this age of a child when he’s taught how to treat people and how to be treated by people. The concept completely lost on the people around him.

And then this followed


Clearly, nobody learned anything

These reactions are from last year and clearly nobody learned anything. Instead, they are still letting a child be treated that way on live TV shows. Honestly, at this point, I don’t know what more to say. The child is being used by media and being trolled by the public.

Such a small kid to be subjected to bullying and harassment.

I sincerely hope as this kid grows up he has developed a coping mechanism for these bullies. It is unlikely though, just as expecting the public to behave decently is. But we can only hope for a better tomorrow. In many past incidents, we have learned how adversely bullying and harassment affected a child’s mind. We have even witnessed those who took away their life because of it but still we are not learning from our mistakes.

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