Advocate Ahmed Mukhtar Rejects All Allegations Of Abusing A Lady Constable & This Looks Twisted!

In a short period of time, a large number of cases related to physical abuse and torture have reached the mainstream media throughout Pakistan portraying a vivid picture of the corrupted judicial courts. The element that needs sheer focus is the segregation of the general public from powerful elite criminals who even spend their sentenced time according to their personal gains.

Lawyer Ahmed Mukhtar says that he didn’t slap lady constable Faiza Nawaz nor has he even verbally abused her!

The increasing rate of vile activities related to the police and government officials of Pakistan’s Punjab side has filled the internet with justice slogans but the concerned authorities aren’t ready to pay any heed to the common voice. As the deceptive stances have a higher percentage in such cases, earlier this week, lawyer Ahmed Mukhtar who slapped a female constable named Faiza Nawaz was released without punishment and recently, a video statement has been released from his side rejecting all allegations of abusing a lady constable.

The advocate accused the SHO and DSP of using lady constable Faiza Nawaz against him!

According to the advocate Ahmed Mukhtar, he had a quarrel with the person on the gate but not with the lady constable, “I didn’t slap any lady constable. I haven’t abused any lady constable. I had a brawl with the servant Ali Ahmed who was standing at the gate. Lady constable (Faiza Nawaz) was also present there at the gate but I didn’t indulge in any argument with her.”

Station House Officer (SHO) Rafi Ullah Niazi and Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Malik Yaqoob Awan have implemented a planned conspiracy using lady constable (Faiza Nawaz) against me.” he added.

Advocate Ahmed Mukhtar behind bars was released because of ‘writing error’ in the FIR!

This week, on Saturday, Advocate Ahmed Mukhtar of Ferozwala local courts in Sheikhupura was accused of slapping and abusing lady constable Faiza Nawaz of Punjab police. As per sources, the advocate, even after constantly being asked to park his car somewhere else was forcefully parking at the checkpoint and when the lady constable intervened, he started slapping him and verbally abused her.


Later, advocate Ahmed Mukhtar was handcuffed by the same lady constable Faiza Nawaz for slapping her and the picture became an instant hit on the internet many labeling it as ‘Karma’. Unfortunately, the advocate’s police friends somehow inked his name as ‘Ahmed Iftekhar’ instead of ‘Ahmed Mukhtar’ in the First Information Report (FIR) lodged by the female constable which lead him free from the bars.

This is the picture of lady constable Faiza Nawaz dragging advocate Ahmed Mukhtar in chains!

The News

Well, as the judiciary system is still under severe fatigue, this time also it showed no sign of justice. After the lawyer was freed, lady constable has been submitting her concerns but no eyes were open. On Sunday, scared and hopeless, the lady constable resigned after seeing no signs of justice and this is extremely alarming.

How can someone have faith in the prevailing justice procedure which is not for the oppressed but only for the high-end criminal mindsets who literally looted the whole country and brought it down to its knees? No one knows what’s going to happen in the near future but if it remained the same, the circumstances will turn severely brutal and uncontrollable.

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