Ahmed Ali Akbar – Here’s Why Every Pakistani Girl Loves Him!

Ladies and gentlemen (oh ladies especially), presenting you the not so new sensation of Lollywood who is currently ruling over Hum TV (our hearts as well) with his two drama  serials Ye Rha Dil and Phr Wohi Muhabat!

Ahmed can not only kill us with his hot looks,he has got some serious acting skills too! Way too fantastic! Let’s get through some..

1) Oh that ‘kaun’

2) Thapar se dar nai lgta sahab!

3) So is your expression!

4) When he acts as a gairat mand mard!

5) Romance Habibi Romance!

6) Zaki the debit card of Hayat!

Guess what,this guy hasn’t only shined on the small screen,also he has made it to big screen that too thrice! His character in KHI se LHR was too damn cool! Have a look!

So folks, basically this guy Ahmed Ali is amazing. He can not only act,yes you heard it right! He can sing,dance and host as well that too by leaving the audience in a state of jawdrop! Want confirmation? Just scroll a bit! ( Dhak Dhak goes on)

7) Aik waqt mein krta hon mein kaam 4 ,4! 

Ahmed Ali is one of the fine actors no doubt! Not only looks,he has got talent too! At the same time he is too humble. Follow him on Instagram @ahmedali.official and add him on snapchat ahmedaliakbar ! For sure he deserves all the appreciation and nominations and awards! 

On a lighter note:
That’s how a ‘Maa ka laal’ looks like 

Dear Ahmed, if you’re reading this, please take a note! We love you! 


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