Ahmad Shahzad Posted a Literally Sweating Post-Workout Picture and the Internet Couldn’t Take it!

‘The internet couldn’t take it’ translates to, in this case, control bashing him. Ahmad Shahzad being bashed on social media is a common sight. The opener is often bashed for posting countless amounts of selfies, which is often linked with his poor performance in the game. Shahzad, however, doesn’t pay heed to these comments. He continues doing what pleases him and that in this aspect is posting selfies.

While the internet may bully him, Shahzad never cares. This time, the internet bullied him for posting a post-workout selfie.

So this is the Picture He Shared. The Caption is Pretty…Funny…

Sana is his wife, btw. So here’s how people reacted:


Oh Dear…

Always the Comparison between Virat Kohli and Ahmad Shahzad Makes it Funnier

But there were Some Positive Comments too

This Wasn’t the First Time the Cricketer Posted Gym Selfie…

Ahmed, however, gets unreal hate from Pakistanis just because he posts selfies. Recently, news anchor Javad Chaudhry threw a lot of shade on the cricketer for being the first to take selfies with the CT’17 trophy and celebrating as if he had any contribution in it. The anchor, however, mingled politics with sports and it Pakistanis disapproved of this.

Nonetheless, Pakistanis shouldn’t troll Ahmad Shahzad for this mere act of posting selfies. The player, however, needs to make a comeback so people can see the glimpse of his real form!

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