Ahad Raza Mir had an Amazing Birthday Bash and These Pictures Show how Much Fun He had!

Ahad Raza Mir had an Amazing Birthday Bash and These Pictures Show how Much Fun He had!

The super-talented new kid on the block, Ahad Raza Mir just turned 25 on September 29. Ahad has been making the headlines lately and winning a lot of hearts. He has proven his prolific acting skills and his good looks in a very short span of time in just a year. Wow! He was born in Pakistan but grew up in Canada. His current drama serial “Yaqeen ka Safar” has gained a lot of viewers and the ‘girls’ just can’t stop talking about it.

However, when it comes to birthday parties, a lot of celebrities choose to celebrate it with their friends in the fanciest way possible. But this rising star chose to celebrate it with his family and very close friends in the simplest way. Ahad’s parents were the perfect party hosts and made sure everyone had a great time.

The close friends of Ahad included Kubra Khan, Sajal Ali, Zara Noor, Bilal Abbas, Daniyal Naqvi, Rao Ali Khan, Mariyam, Hamza, Asad Siddiqui and Umair Qazi. The party was a madhouse with games, live jamming sessions with Ahad and Sajal, and so much more!

Ready to see what you guys missed out on? Here you go!

Ahad with his parents…. Cute!


Time to cut the scrumptious cake!

With Bilal Abbas and Sajjal Ali



With a talented lot! Can you spot Kubra Khan?

Balloons, balloon everywhere!!

Oh, he seems excited!


Group selfie tou banti hai!!

Facebook/Daniyal Naqvi

Honestly, these pictures actually prove that Ahad Raza Mir had a blast with his loved ones! Look how happy he looks! The little celebration looked perfect in every way and there’s nothing better than celebrating it with your loved ones. Happy Birthday once again, Ahad!

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