Ahad Raza Mir And Sajal Aly FINALLY Got Engaged, And Allah This Is So Cute!!

Guys, it’s official. Finally.

We all had a hint and it’s something we had all been waiting for. Yes, Ahad Raza Mir has finally made it official with Sajal Aly! *screams internally*

Seems like the Ahad-Sajal controversy and finally come to an end and it’s safe to say that the two lovebirds will no more be controversy now. Well, we hope not!

Ahad Raza Mir finally broke the news officially on his Instagram account and we can’t be happier!

With the cutest note!

“Here’s to new beginnings. Today we are happy to announce that with the blessings of our families we are officially engaged. Our special day will be even more special with the love and prayers of our family, friends and fans. 
Ahad & Sajal”

The two sure had been giving us hints since a very longgg time…

Oh and this major hint!! Haha! <3

Matlab dekhen zara :p

So cute man!

Remember this?

And damn, we just wanted them to announce the big news already!

And they chose the perfect chosen to get engaged! Here’s how Sajal announced the news!

Hayeee… we can’t believe this happened but certainly glad it did!

Heartiest congratulations to the two and we wish the cuties a wonderful journey ahead! 


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