Pakistanis Are Forcing Actor Agha Ali To Apologize For Insensitive Comments Against Pashtuns

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Uh-oh! Looks like the Pakistani television actor, Agha Ali has once again got himself embroiled in a controversy. In a recent video that has surfaced, the Mere Meherbaan actor, Agha Ali can be seen mimicking the Pakistani actress Neelum Munir and making funny comments on Pashtuns aka Pathans.

People are not happy with the racist jokes and comments that Agha Ali has made against the Pashtuns. Just a few days back, the Mehram actor got called out for being a fatphobic and body shaming his wife Hina Altaf. On a public platform, he seemed to be finding body shaming a source of pride. This controversy spread on social media like fire, enraging the social media users.

#AaghaAliMafiMango Trends On Twitter As Agha Ali Trolls The Pashtun Community

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Well, despite being bogged down in a war of words earlier, seems like the actor is once again caught up in a controversy. In addition, a short video clip from Faysal Qureshi’s show caught the eye of a netizen. In this clip, Agha Ali can be seen trolling the Pashtuns for the way they speak.

Agha Ali’s ‘insensitive’ comments against Pashtuns


As it appears, the video clip has been taken from a show hosted in 2015. In the video, you can see the actor mimicking Neelum Munir and then making racist jokes about the Pathan community. According to him, Pathans are never seen talking in a civil manner. He has only seen them shouting and speaking in an angry tone.

We get that Neelum and Agha might have been chummy, so mimicking her still makes sense, somewhat. However, he goes onto say that Pathans are not capable of talking calmly, and are rather vulgar.  In addition to this, it looks like the actor does not really think before he speaks. We all have witnessed this in his recent interview as well where he could be seen gloating his fatphobia. How can he just make fun of his fellow countrymen? His words have deeply hurt the sentiments of the public.

Twitterati are quite steamed up on the matter

Within a few hours, after the clip surfaced on social media, the hashtag #AaghaAiMafiMango has been trending on Twitter.

In the era of cancel culture, Agha Ali really needs to rack his brain before uttering anything at all. Moreover, for the second time, the Digest Writer actor has effortlessly gotten under the public’s skin. It is to be noted that the Pakhtun stereotype has been prevalent in Pakistan- be it of illiteracy or religious extremism. Can we stop already with the racist slurs, and jokes based on stereotypical notions? People are demanding an apology from the actor.

Agha Ali tied the knot with Hina Altaf recently, and the couple has been the talk of the town for a while now. Both Pakistani actors left everyone in shock after revealing their wedding pictures on social media. There were no rumors related to the couple dating before this.

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