WTF?! The New Momo Challenge Is Literally Freaking Everyone Out!

Do you guys remember the Blue Whale challenge? The one with the suicide? Let me refresh your memory.

So, as far as I remember, there was this ‘game’ last year which got very popular. People had to make their accounts, provide all their personal details and make their ID to start the game. What the game basically was, as I have heard, promoting suicide. Yes, it would make you do certain tasks to reach the last level of the game and then your last task would be to take your own life.

But, people found hacks after so many suicide cases were reported because of the game and did not give their personal information anymore. They would make fake accounts and IDs to get away with blackmailing. And soon, the world seemed a safer place again. Until this happened.

Hy everyone as, this case was viral i just ignored all the posts related to this and i was like “bakwas ha ya sab, asa…

Posted by Maham Ch on Tuesday, August 28, 2018

So this girl on facebook is warning us that we are in danger again.

She explains the incident that took place with her friend.

“Firstly one of my friend got message from her, she replied she gave her task to change her wifi password otherwise someone will be killed from her family even she send her the picture which was not uploaded on her social media and also then, I got message from same person but i blocked her without any response picture attached is the message i got my this picture is not on any social media site (this is my another picture which is my whatsapp dp and is only on contacts, this is not my cropped picture of Facebook profile picture ok, chalo mare picture la le whatsapp sa from where she has taken my friend’s picture she is not on Facebook, Instagram not even on Snapchat and also she has not dp that picture on whatsapp)

Also when my friend was taking screenshot of that chat and she warned her not to take screenshot. This is just game like blue wale i have researched on it and i found some suicidal cases. For the time i have blocked him. Plus my friend is also not able to block her, if you response back any of her messages or call you’ll not br able to block then.
“I know zindagi moat Allah ka hath ma ha, but we should be aware of this all and stay safe everyone”!!
* I am informing you all to be aware of it and not to response any of this message or call, if you will response you will not be able to block her!!”

And just look at this when she says “Let’s have some fun”. I mean its’s creepy on so many levels. But it’s not just a story. It is actually happening. It is called Momo game challenge.

This Momo is scary

Source: Moneycontrolnews

This Momo challenge is linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina. According to BBC, it all started in a Facebook group where members were challenged to communicate with an unknown number.

The Momo challenge soon spread throughout the world, from Argentina to the United States, France, and Germany. It took a nasty turn when a 12-year-old girl in Argentina was manipulated to take her own life.

So guys please be careful, if anyone with a strange picture like the one above messages you and tries to ‘have fun’, block them straight away.

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