After Pigeons, Indian Forces Are Now Taking Balloons Into Custody!

It seems that the Indian government and security forces are very scared of anything that is related to Pakistan. It was on May 2015, that a “spy” pigeon was arrested in India to be in relation to Pakistani intelligence. There was an uproar in the Indian media against Pakistan sending pigeons to spy.

The people took to social media to ridicule the Indian government over it. Just when everything seemed to have calmed down, Indian news channel “India Today” has reported that the security agencies in the country have taken some Pakistani balloons under custody for investigation.

These balloons were found by a farmer floating around in Pathankot with Quaid e Azam’s picture printed and “I love Pakistan” written on it. The security forces are now investigating the matter. They believe it might be the mischievous act of some local.

After pigeons and balloons, what do you think will scare the Indians next?

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