After Meeting An Indian Girl, I Found Out That There Is No Such Thing As “Sarhad Par Dushman”

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Being born and raised as a daughter of a Naval officer I always took the term “Sarhad Par Dushman” so differently. I always believed that India and Pakistan are enemies, and will always be. Not only on domestic or foregoing levels but on individual levels too.

All my life I believed that concepts like “Aman ki ASHA” are nothing but a hoax and that these are vested political moves only to promote India until recently when I met the most amazing girl from India and she blew my mind and heart with so much love. She joined me during the Hilary term of Occupational Psychology at Oxford University, England.

Source: Aman Ki Asha

Our connection was instant and as our friendship grew I realized how wrong I was, and what a beautiful bond we share as Indians and Pakistanis. She showed me how similar we are in terms of emotions, humor, love, and respect. From Coke Studio to Humsafar, from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab to Salman Khan, from chicken karahi to biryani, from Shalwar Kurta to Anarkali, from the Taj Mahal to Badashahi masjid we share so much love.

Source: Aman Ki Asha

She made me realize how beautiful we are as two different nations yet so similar. The language we speak, the culture we share, the motivation and goals we live with, the family system we live in, everything is equally beautiful and so alike.

Spending time with her proved me the real meaning of friendship, the respect she showed for Pakistan and Pakistani culture made me feel so proud and happy. The way we talk and wish to visit each others’ home countries melt my heart. I realized we are connected by hearts, we indeed have a soul connection to these ‘Sarhad Par People’. Despite the relation, we share politically and on our borders, these human connections are beyond such ‘Sarhads’ or any bitterness that has traveled generations.

Now this is our responsibility to promote love and respect for each other so our upcoming generations break this chain of hate and bitterness and believe in “Sarhad Par Dost ” because hate can lead us nowhere but Love and respect can

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